Annual Joe Dussome Day Celebration November 9th At the Moose Lodge in Black Eagle Mt


Annual Joe Dussome Day Celebration November 9th At the Moose Lodge in Black Eagle Mt

Meeting at 10:00 a.m. and Potluck at Noon




Live Fiddle Music with Contests for Jigging, Old-Time Waltz, and Two-Step


(Dancing Starting After Lunch)




The Wellness Program Will Be Giving Out Free Items!


Tobacco Program Will Have Drawings and Door Prizes!

Joe Dussome

Quarterly Meeting Min.


Call to order by Chairman Gray

Prayer by Darrel Rummel

ROLL CALL of Council Members. Chairman Gray, Clarence Sivertsen, Leona Kienenberger, Colleen Hill and Louella Fredricksen all present. Absent Richard Parenteau and Don Davis

PREVIOUS MINUTES were read. No corrections or additions. Motion by Clarence Sivertsen to accept the minutes as read and 2nd by Leona Kienenberger.

Pow Wow Committee : Colleen Hill reported she did not have the exact figures, but all the bills were paid. She also said they need to start planning and raising revenue for next years Pow Wow now. She also told that there was a great turnout . Colleen said we may need more members involved. Chairman Gray said perhaps there should be a new Pow Wow Committee or maybe have more members on the committee. He said it would be nice if we could pay the dancers too. Kati Antonich with the Tobacco Prevention Program gave out tshirts as long as they lasted. She also had door prizes. Darrel Rummel with the Wellness Program also had a display and door prizes. Her program did a survey and results will be presented later.

Enrollment: In Pat Maki’s absence, Louella Fredricksen presented the Council the 48 names of people that are now new members of the Little Shell Tribe.

Financial: Colleen Hill told us there was $8288.40 in the Tobacco Program account, $23,61932 in the Savings Account $308,316.00 in the General Fund Account.

Tobacco Abuse Prevention Program: Kati Antonich gave a report on the GONA camp she and children who signed up went to in Browning. She has also been going to the schools once a month. She and Darrel Rummel with the Wellness Program wants to meet with parents to accomplish more youth to be involved in the program. Kati would like to get a Youth Round Dance organized. A beading class, with possibly doing a video and put it on UTube.

Wellness Program: Darrel Rummel reported that most of what she had was also the same as Kati’s report as they both attend many of the same things. She said she would add that the kids at the Gona Camp had a blast sitting around the campfires, sleeping in the tipi’, playing ball and learning the culture of some of the other tribes that were in attendance. Darrel talked of the SPIT conference in Missoula. It was well organized and the meals were good. They learned of the different Tobacco related items that lure the youth into smoking. Darrel said it was a learning process.

Language Preservation Program: Gerald Gray Sr. said he is drafting another proposal for the program. He really would like to have a survey conducted and is working on that. He wants to travel to Helena to visit with Heather and see what is permissible and what is not. Do we need certified speakers for this language program? He thinks the board should travel to ND and Canada and find out what is available that we could purchase and possibly copy for our use. The mailing of information is a problem in trying to reach all members. It was suggested that they use the Website, Facebook and emailing to the address we have. Then we will need to employ some staff to do research and record speakers. Professional equipment for filming and a secure storage area with fire retardant cabinets will also be needed.

501C3 BY Leona Kienenberger reported there is no progress to report at this time. It was asked if one of our Senator’s or somebody could get this moving along quicker for us. Leona said No, the IRS would not like this. She said Josh is frustrated this is not moving along faster.

Visitor Center, Clarence Sivertsen told us of the addition being added to the Visitor Center building. Dirt work has been done so the forms can go in. The addition will be 30X60 ‘ He would like to see it enclosed by November. Clarence also hung three big pictures in the entrance room. They are copies of the ones Nicholas Vrooman used in the book “One Robe”.

NEW BUSINESS: Chairman’s report
Chairman Gray reported that the Flathead property has been sold to the Salish Kootenai Tribe. Chairman Gray and Clarence Sivertsen went to meet with the individuals involved with the sale to sign the official papers. After closing costs the amount deposited in the bank account was $292,435.51. The Tribal Council will look for ways to invest the money to generate income for the Tribe. Clarence Sivertsen made a motion to possibly finish off paying for the 1529 Stuckey Road, Visitor Center building. Clarence stated that he would like some stipulations before this would happen. Leona Kienenberger seconded the motion.

Veterans Board: Clarence Sivertsen was appointed to serve on this board.

Federal Recognition: Attorney S. R. Denton is trying to get us on the Schedule, and Representative Daines said he will push for this also. The criteria to apply for Federal Recognition is changing and is a much easier process, so we might be able to reapply.

TLC – Tribal Health – email received for a grant to improve Tribal Health Programs.

Chairman Gray is going to attend a Sept/ 4th Senator Tester – Tribes Economic Climate meeting in Missoula. Public is invited to attend also.

Joe Dussome Day: This will be Nov. 9th along with our quarterly meeting. It will be held at the Moose Lodge in Black Eagle. There will be a potluck lunch at noon. Darrel Rummel, Leona Kienenberger, Kati Antonich and Louella Fredricksen volunteered to be a committee to start planning for this.

Enrollment Room laptops: Norton Antivirus has expired. It was agreed to download Avast and Malwarbytes to use at this time.

AIANTA Tourism Conference: Chairman Gray said Clarence Sivertsen will attend this.

Pembina settlement: Chairman Gray and 2nd Vice Chair Leona Kienenberger traveled to Belcourt ND to attend. It is getting closer to a settlement, but no final figure yet. They discussed different companies to handle distribution when it does happen.

Judicial System: The council has been in contact with our Tribal Attorney and she is working diligently on getting this finalized.

Newsletter: With only 18 people subscribed for the Newsletter, it was decided to discontinue the newsletter. It did not generate enough interest to continue. Louella Fredricksen will send letters to subscribers and the ones who paid for advertising . They may request a refund or if they wish to donate the fees they paid to the tribe, to please advise the office so there is a record on that. Caroline Fleury said that in the past, Toni Jo Atchison and the the Tobacco Program sent the newsletters out free of charge.

Darrel Rummel wanted to say she thinks this Council is doing a good job and thanked for their work on everything.

At approximately 3:00PM Louella Fredricksen made the motion to adjourn and Clarence Sivertsen second the motion.

Little Shell Tribe Id Card Application

It seems we lost our post with the ID card application so I am re-uploading it here. LS ID application

~Justin MacIver

May Quarterly Meeting


MAY 18, 2013

Chairman Gray called the meeting to order

There was a moment of silence for Tribal Members who have passed away recently.

The opening prayer by Richard Parenteau

Roll call of Officers, Gerald Gray, Clarence Sivertsen, Leona Kienenberger, Don Davis, Richard Parenteau and Louella Fredricksen, present.  Colleen Hill absent. There is a quorum to conduct business.

Previous minutes were read.  Chairman Gray asked if there were any additions or corrections.  None being taken,. Motion to accept by Clarence Sivertsen and seconded by Leona Kienenberger. Minutes were approved.



Federal Recognition:  we are under active consideration at this time. It was thought to have the Lumbee Tribe to join us, but under advisement, it was suggested to go forward on our own.  We think this bill has been heard before, so  it may be taken to the floor for a mark up vote. It could also be attached to another bill.

Language Bill:   Jonathon Windy Boy presented S.342 during the Legislative session. and it  passed, but we do not know if Governor Bullock has signed it yet .The bill is Montana Indian Language Preservation Pilot Project.   The bill is for a two year period and is for 2M dollars.  The STED Commission will oversee this.  There will be rules for distribution to each tribe. We are hoping for equal distribution, but some tribes want it by population and also how many languages they can use.  (We could state three, Michif, Ojibway and Cree) however Michif is the language our ancestors spoke, so we will focus on that.  We had to have a board appointed by May 17, 2013.  Member’s names for the board are: Nicholas Vrooman, Gerald Gray Sr., Leona Kienenberger, Darrel Rummel and Louella Fredricksen. The first meeting on May 17, 2013 was via phone conference. This board will hold meetings to make sure we are following the guidelines that are necessary for this program.

Election Resolution:  Our Tribal attorneys wrote up a new Election Resolution. We wanted an ordinance that would be legal and binding.  Also consistency for election dates etc.   A copy will be on file at the office for anyone who wishes to read it.

Clarence Sivertsen made the motion to approve and seconded by Louella Fredricksen. All were in favor.

Tribal Health Co-coordinator:  Kati Antonich is a nurse will be the new coordinator.  The TLC and Kati will be having a survey.  The name of this project is  Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey. They will be contacting members for information by phone, mail, email and website.

Brochure: A proposed brochure for the Culture Center was passed around for all to see.  It will be available at the office and the Culture Center when it is finalized.  It will also be sent to Museums, Montana Indian Alliances offices and the Indian Affairs Coordinators office in Helena.

Newsletter:  The first newsletter is almost finalized and we hope to have it in the mail this week.  If you did not sign up for one by mail, you may purchase a copy in the office.  The cost for the first year is $12.00 (three issues) and $15.00 for next year (four issues)

ICED:  :(Indian Country Economic Development)

The ICED program was instrumental is our buying the Cultural Center at 1529 Stuckey Road.  The painting of the interior of the building has been done and the track lighting was installed Thursday

Chairman Gray asked Clarence Sivertsen to give the update on this.


Clarence Sivertsen and Don Davis are working diligently on this project.  We are in the process of getting an addition to our building.  It will be heated and have electricity and restrooms, so we can have meetings, celebrations functions etc. out there.  Darrel Rummel asked when this would start.  Clarence Sivertsen has been working out there and has moved a lot dirt in preparation for the foundation to be poured.  In the plans, there will be big garage doors, so when the Toys for Tots truck comes, we will be able to handle the unloading of the toys.  Also we will have storage space until the children’s give away.   Darrel Rummel asked if there are some things that volunteers could do.  Darrel is with the Wellness program and said the youth could be used to help with tools, raking, cleanup among other things.  Colleen Hill has been in contact with the Job Service to see if we qualify for some full time help.  The Director of State Tourism may also furnish us with signage.  Richard Parenteau contacted Mr. Fleck about possibly having the Trolley car bring people out to the Center. With the addition on our building, we will need more drain field, so Don Davis is in the process of getting the permits and whatever it will take to accomplish this .We will also have a Gift Shop with articles for sale so we will raise revenue. Joel Overton asked if we could charge for others to use the building for additional revenue which will be decided after the building is operational.



Roger Salois and Pat Maki have been very busy in the Enrollment Office.  Today they have 57 members to enroll.  They are receiving many phone calls and

walk-ins wanting letters etc. for the Indian Trust Settlement. Members have  received letters from the Indian Trust Settlement Office giving them until July 1, 2013 to send in additional information.  This in turn slows down their work on the enrollment files, so please be patient, and they are doing a great job.


The new office hours for the time being are 1PM to 4PM.  Without financing to hire personnel, we depend on our volunteers to come when they are available.

The new flags are at the office.  Anyone who wishes to purchase one the cost is

$45.00 and $5.00 for shipping and handling.  We still have some of our books for sale.  They are $39.95 and $6.00 shipping and handling.


Darrel Rummel has signed up for online ICWA classes   Darrel will will be certified to handle cases. She also helped fill in when Pat Maki was out of the office.

501C3 and HB.286

Leona Kienenberger reported we should have received word on our 501c3 status by the end of March.  Sadly this has not happened.  She has tried to contact the attorney this week again, but has not heard back yet.

HB.286  has passed.  This will allow Enrolled Native American youth to get fee waivers to go to Montana State colleges.  Previously you had to be ¼ blood Quantum and now it will be 1/8 which will help many more of our youth.


In Colleen Hill’s absence, Leona Kienenberger read the financial report. Through April we had income of $ 14392.01, and expenses of  $13082.97.   There was $1309.04 in the General Fund Account, $401.88 balance in the Tobacco Program account and $20112.60 in our Savings Account.


Kati Antonich gave a report on the GONA  (Gathering of Native Americans) Youth program.  There will be a camp to be held in Browning from June 24 through June 27, 2013.  The program will attend and participate in sessions focusing on Positive and healthy behaviors. Students will attend and participate in sessions focusing on positive and healthy behaviors.  The skills and resources they can take back to their reservations or urban community.  There will also be traditional games.

Darrel Rummel reported on the art contest she had for her youth. Some of the youth were not Little Shell.  Darrel is going to partner with Kati on the GONA camp. Darrel would like to have some youth to go on hikes, identify plants, pick sage etc.  Richard Parenteau suggested to Darrel to contact the Helena and Butte Indian Alliances to recruit more youth.  Darrel said that they do not have the funding to pay travel expenses for them to come.  Richard also suggested the radio Stations.

Darrel reported on an Elders program thru RMTWI (Rocky Mountain Tribal Wellness Initiative)  Darrel  designed a logo for  advertising and possibly for

t-shirts.  Tony Prairie Bear would like to interview Elders and there will be $25.00 given to those who participate in this program

Darrel Rummel commented on our all volunteer help in trying to keep all these programs, the office, and culture center going.  She said she really appreciates all the volunteers are doing.  Thank you Darrel.


Richard Parenteau introduced Brian Azure, who showed us his artwork and clothing he is designing. Brian is starting his own business in music, art, and graphic designing.

The Pow Wow Committee consisting of co-chairs Joel Overton, James Parker Shield ,and Toni Jo Atchison and Peggy Meyers as committee members, met on May 11, 2013.   Saturday August 24, 2013 will be the date of this year’s Pow Wow.  The location will be at the old “Big R” store at 4800 10th Ave South, here in Great Falls.  There will be two sessions, the first at 1PM and then another at 6PM.   They are planning a feed with possibly the McGillis family handling this. They are designing a poster for distribution.  Toni Jo will be heading up a Princess Contest. To contact Toni Jo, her phone number is 406-403-5463. To raise some revenue they are discussing having a boxing smoker as a fundraiser

Kids rides and games will be available on-site during the Pow Wow..

Richard said the 5th Community Unity Walk and Round Dance was held May 4th , with between 150-200 people.  He hopes for this to continue to be a yearly event, with unity between all nations and Metis strong.


Pembina Update,

Four council members attended the Pembina Meetings held in Bismarck, ND,   Chairman Gerald Gray, Vice Chairman Clarence Sivertsen, 1st Vice Chair Leona Kienenberger and Secretary Louella Fredricksen.  Everything is still being negotiated in discussion stages so nothing new to report. It will probably be awhile yet before finalization.


Darrel Rummel asked about the money being held in Albuquerque, NM.  Chairman Gray said he has checked into this.  There is about 4M in the account, but we will not receive any of this money until we are Federally Recognized.  There would be a drawdown of 20% of the interest.  If in time we do not get Federally Recognized it may be per capped out.

Joel Overton asked about blood quantum.  Darrel Rummel also thinks this is a problem with some of our youth not being enrolled.  Due to blood quantum even her grandchildren are ineligible to enroll. Joel also asked about our Constitution. Chairman Gray stated the attorneys are working on this, and there will an update when we hear from them.


Motion by Clarence Sivertsen and Don Davis seconded.  Meeting adjourned

LittleShell Tribe Application

Many members have been asking for the forms that we host on the facebook sites, since this site is easier to search I am encluding them here.
~Justin MacIver


Little Shell Enrollment application

Feb. Qtrly Meeting Min.


Opening Prayer by Richard Parenteau
Flag Song by Kyle Spearson
Flag Bearers, Al Wiseman and Larry Salois

Call to order by Chairman Gerald Gray

Roll Call of Council Members by Secretary Louella Fredricksen. All Council Members present and a quorum to conduct business

Reading of previous minutes by Secretary Louella Fredricksen. Chairman Gerald Gray asked for any addition or corrections. Motion by Clarence Sivertsen to accept minutes as read, seconded by Richard Parenteau.

Treasurer’s report was given by Council Member Colleen Hill who also does the accounting of the Tribal Funds. Bill are all current now, and Feb. rent is paid. Colleen also sent letters to vendors that only approved items by the council will be paid. In the General Fund there is $865.70, in the Tobacco Account the balance is $1,333.73 and in the Tribal Savings account there is $20,102.73. Motion to accept by 2nd Vice Chair Leona Kienenberger and second by Secretary Louella Fredricksen.

Chairman Gerald Gray reported that the Legislature is proposing to cut the ICED grant funding in half. The ICED funding helped buy our Visitor Center at Stuckey Road.

The tribe is getting prices to order new flags. With requests that have come in, we are thinking of ordering 25 to 35 flags. There will be a notice when they are available for purchase by members. Also we may order some decals that could bring in some additional funding.

We are working on a new Election Ordinance so it will be in effect before the next elections.

The Tribe is looking at buying some computers and setting up a Community system, probably at our Visitor Center. Members could go there to have access to internet, for personal needs, such as resumes etc.

We are looking at a program for a Tribal Health Coordinator. The meeting is Feb. 8th in Billings.

Federal Recognition Report by Chairman Gray. After the elections, the congress went into a Lame Duck Sessions. They had to fix the fiscal cliff issues. So, Senator Tester has introduced our Federal Recognition Bill to the new Legislature. It is now Senate bill S.161. It may get attached with a bill from the Lumbee Tribe who has also requested Federal Recognition.

Enrollment Committee Report. Louella Fredricksen stated that Enrollment Officer Pat Maki was unable to attend today as she had prior commitments. However, the office has been very busy with many, many phone calls from Members wanting their IIM numbers for the Indian Trust Fund Settlement. The Little Shell Tribal Office does not have this information, so members are given phone numbers they can call to call to get the information they need. There are no enrollments ready for today, but there will be some at the next quarterly meeting.

Cultural Activities: Richard Parenteau, There is a Tipi being set up outside at the Moose Lodge Building, by members. Richard would like to have some cultural activities at each Quarterly meetings. He stated we have the equipment and supplies, so we will be using them. Any member that wants to get involved, contact the Tribal Office. On the language grant, Richard has applied for this three times, and unfortunately they were denied. He has contacted Brenda Snider who has the Metis Cousins and also has been working on the Michif language. Richard is learning some words of the Ojibwe language through Loud Thunder. He plans on having a pamphlet with Ojibwe words transcribed to English. Hopefully this will be ready for the next meeting. Richard also asked if there are any grant writers to please send them our way. Richard had a display set up of pictures and books. He hopes some of the books will be for sale at the Cultural Center.

Health Committee reports:
Darrel Rummel gave a report on the Wellness Program. She anticipates on teaching some of the younger Little Shell Children about Sweat Lodges, and have a hand in making a sweat lodge. She also would like to take them a trip next summer to pick sage. She passed out her wish list of supplies that members could donate to her projects so she can accomplish some of the tasks. She has been in contact with Clyde Landrie, who is a cultural leader and maybe can document all this on film.Her health activites will include a Youth Council Journey, Keep Youth Involved, Health Activites, and possibly a Canoe Journey. Everything will be done traditional.

Kati Antonich, the new Tobacco Prevention Program Specialist reported on a three day trip to Polson for schooling on this program. She is also a nurse, and Chairman Gray would like Kati to be the new Health Coordinator as well. Kati wants to bring back our culgture in the sacred way. There will be a program for youth in Browning and in August the National ReAct Program So, if you have some youth that would be interested, please contact Kati at the Little Shell Office.

501c3 Status Report by 2nd Vice Chair Leona Kienenberger reported the 501c3 report was finally mailed in Dec, 2012. We should know within 90days our status on this, possibly sooner. Leona said there maybe a problem because the back taxes were not paid. More grants maybe available to the Little Shell Tribe, once we get our 501c3 status reinstated. Leona said she also mailed in the Annual Report.

Visitor Center, 1529 Stuckey Road by 1st Vice Chair Clarence Sivertsen: The walls were all white, so Karlene Faulkner, Rose and an Uncle have been painting the rooms with new colors. New signs and pricing are being checked out. Some artists have consigned art. James Parker Shield has been gathering history of the Little Shell Tribe. It is hoped to have it in full operation by May 1st.

Old Business:
The Tribal elections were held Nov. 10th 2012 and the Swearing in Ceremony was held on Nov. 18th, 2012

Chairman Gerald Gray is working with our Tribal Attorneys, Troy and Donna Woodward on the Judicial Court System. We are also planning on having a Constitutional Convention to update the Tribe’s Constitution. Members have to participate in this process, it is not just up to the Tribal Council.

New business:
Council Member Don Davis reported that he went to the Legislative meetings for the ICED funding. Also went to the Inauguration for the Governor Bullock. He spent four hours in line, shaking hands. He said the Little Shell Tribe was the only Tribe represented.
Don has also been checking out quotes etc. for an extension, or an additional building at the 1529 Stuckey Road property. This would give us room to have our meetings out there, and also a place for our members to use for receptions and such.

The Quarterly meetings were announced for 2013. We also will try and have the meetings in different areas starting next year. Mark your calendars for,
• Feb 2, 2013
• May 18, 2013
• Sept. 1, 2013
• Nov 9, 2013 and Joe Dussome Day

There is a new website being designed for the near future.

We will be starting the Newsletter up again. Any ideas on what to name it please let the office know. In the contents of the newsletter will be Council Voices, with reports from your Council Members. If you have a business you can also advertise in the newsletter of which there will be a fee. There will also be a fee to members or others who would like to receive the newsletter. We would like to get one out to the public in May.

Public Comment:
One member asked of the Sept. 1st 2013 quarterly meeting. It coincides with the Metis Celebration in Lewistown. It was asked if the Little Shell Tribe will have their Pow Wow on that weekend also. It does not allow members to attend both functions. The Council will take it under advisement and discuss it with the Pow Wow Committee. There will be a decision announced at the next quarterly meeting.

Motion to Adjourn: Motion to adjourn by Louella Fredricksen, second by both Leona Kienenberger and Richard Parenteau.

Potluck Lunch served to members and Pass the Hat to pay our drummers and singers.

Nicholas Vrooman’s book unveiling and book signing was next. Nicholas was presented with a Buffalo Robe by the Little Shell Tribal Council on behalf of all Little Shell Members. What a fabulous book!
You can purchase a book from the Little Shell Tribal Office by sending $39.95 and $6.00 shipping and handling to Little Shell Tribe, PO Box 543, Black Eagle, MT 59414.
Nicholas spoke of the trials that the Little Shell have gone through over these many years. It is all documented in the book. He said he is “pissed off” that we have not received our way overdue Federal Recogniton.

Nov. Meeting Min.

MINUTES Nov. 3, 2012

WELCOME (Chairman Gilbert)

OPENING PRAYER by Elder Henry Anderson in the Cree Language

COUNCIL ROLL CALL – all present

SPECIAL GUEST – Lesa Evers Acting State Director of Indians Affairs, Governor Schweitzers Office was
present and spoke with us. She also went to our newly purchased building at 1529 Stuckey Road for the blessing of the building.

MINUTES – Reading of previous minutes and approval as read

TREASURERS REPORT – of $700.31 and $6157.00 for a total of $6857.31 in our bank accounts

ENROLLMENT – Louella On enrollment there were 25 new enrolled members
FEDERAL RECOGNITION – Chairman Gilbert and Vice Chair Gerald Gray spoke of where we are
at on that.
CULTURAL – Richard spoke about the successful Pow Wow on Labor Day weekend.
501c3UPDATE Leona is trying to get the 501c3 re-application report finished and mailed in
DARREL RUMMEL – WELLNESS PROGRAM – had a table set up with many pamphlets and told of the many different things she has in mind for this program
TERI MAHAFFEY – TOBACCO PREVENTION – Teri also had a table set up with many pamphlets. She had a booth set up at the Fairgrounds during the Pow Wow also.
ELECTION COMMITTEE – Caroline Fleury, Joe Martinez and Fran Flesch thanked the Elders Committee and presented them with plaques.

Honor song by Kyle Spearson for Outgoing Chairman John Gilbert. The Tribal Council put in their money and presented outgoing Chairman Gilbert and his wife Patti, airline tickets to go to Las Vegas.

Sale of our property at 1626 6th Ave No to Good Grief Counseling and in turn purchase of property at 1529 Stuckey Road. (Hill 57) Members went to our new building for a blessing of the building and a tour.

Acknowledgement of Patti Shields for her generous donation of $300.00 to the Enrollment Office

Clarence Sivertsen auctioned off a nice picture donated by Mr Rattey

Various items were donated and used for door prizes

As always our members are very generous in cooking food for our Pot Luck Lunch.

There was a drawing for the Bison Hunt Permits. Ray Eklund and Louella Fredricksen were the lucky names drawn .

Nicholas Vrooman gave a power point of his new book “The Whole Country was…”One Robe” The Little Shell Tribe’s America. We are very anxious to see and read this.

Great music provided by Gaylen Sinclair and his group.

Job Opportunity – Tobacco Specialist


Little Shell Tribe – Tobacco Prevention Specialist Job Description

Position Title:

Tobacco Prevention Specialist


Job Summary:

The position of the Tobacco Prevention Specialist requires a professional in health whose primary responsibility is to lead programs designed to promote and reinforce behavior conductive to a tobacco-free lifestyle in individuals, groups, and our communities. At the core of this position is an ability to plan, coordinate and expedite the challenging work of promoting, maintaining and improving community health. Accomplishing this goal requires an acute ability for building, supporting and maintaining a diverse coalition of engaged community members for a campaign to generate broad public and elected official support for healthy local initiatives. Preference will be given to Little Shell members.


Primary Job Functions:

The following statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the job and do not include other nonessential or peripheral duties that may be required.


The Tobacco Prevention Specialist will lead and coordinate tobacco use prevention program components that include the implementation of community education, earned and paid media, youth advocacy, Montana Tobacco Quit Line promotion and coalition building.



  • Assist in the development and implementation of program goals, objectives and activities.
  • Regular oral and written communication about tobacco prevention goals, facts, policy advocacy and coalition activities.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of tobacco prevention programs, health promotion campaign strategies and education programs; develop and administer evaluation tools.
  • Lead and train coalition members, volunteers or interns involved with providing effective tobacco use prevention programs.
  • Assist in the preparation of grant proposals and grant budget development including research and preparation of background information and statistics.
  • Participate in various community and boards related program activities and responsibilities; represent the agency and provide accurate information regarding tobacco use prevention and resources.
  • Build, support and sustain community volunteers and leaders for local tobacco prevention policy initiatives, leadership, and messaging for expanded outreach capacity.
  • Coordinate tobacco use prevention education program activities with those of other departments and outside agencies and organizations.
  • Advocate for and develop community, institutional and private business policies that support tobacco use prevention.
  • Promote public awareness and education of tobacco prevention through mainstream communication outlets utilizing news releases, letters to the editor, TV, radio, newspaper, billboard advertisements, public service announcements, pay check stuffers, and organization newsletters.
  • Collaborate with other community health agencies and organizations on promotional campaigns and partner in health education programs and services.
  • Advocate for tobacco prevention policy and programs by conducting public education presentations to a variety of groups and organizations.
  • Maintain program statistics and prepare reports in accordance with grant and/or program reporting requirements.
  • Assist the county health department or appropriate authorities in educating about and enforcing current clean indoor air and tobacco free policies.
  • Serve as spokesman and coordinate the development of coalition spokeperson(s) to community organizations, newspapers, other media and elected officials.







Minimum Job Qualifications


Experience:A Bachelor’s degree or Associates Degree and two years of relevant experience.

Training: Equivalent to two years experience in health education, non-profit services, health services, public education experience or a directly related field or in the performance of similar duties and responsibilities.


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Computer skills demonstrating the ability to operate Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Adobe Reader, as well as proficiency with regular and frequent communication through e-mail and the Internet.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to learn and use a web-based reporting program for completing on-line reports.
  • Knowledge of program development promotion, marketing, education and media communications in a health education program.
  • Knowledge of the local community, its leaders and dynamics.
  • Perform effective public speaking to groups of varied interests and backgrounds; develop and deliver informative and persuasive presentations.
  • Recordkeeping and reporting procedures.
  • Basic principles and practices of grant/budget development and management.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other agency, organization and tribal entity representatives.
  • Collect data and research and analyze statistics.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate health education promotion programs.


Preferred Qualifications


• Ability to relate to and motivate diverse members of the community

• Self-starter with strong organizational and planning skills

• Proven ability to work in n group to achieve a common goal

• Passion for public health and tobacco prevention

• Understand the importance public policy plays in public health

• Qualified applicants must be willing to work some evenings and/or weekends as needed and be willing to travel

Littleshell Election Results

LST Election Press Release

Little Shell Election Results
Great Falls, The Little Shell Chippewa Tribe of Montana held its
regularly scheduled elections as required by the Tribes
constitution. Ballots were counted November 14, 2012 at the Little
Shell Tribal Offices.
The results are as follows:
Executive Council (4 year term)
Tribal Chairman- Gerald Gray
1st Vice Chairman- Clarence Sivertsen
2nd Vice Chairman- Leona Kienenberger
Secretary/Treasurer- Louella Fredricksen
Area Council Members (2 year term)
Richard Parenteau
Colleen Hill
Donald Davis
The Council is the governing body of the Little Shell Tribe of
Chippewa Indians of Montana.

. A video recording will be made available on The Re-Unification of Little Shell Tribe of Montana facebook site as soon as I get the videos from Fran.


Little Shell Chippewa Visitor Ground breaking

The Little Shell Chippewa Tribal Council will hold a groundbreaking
Ceremony at their Visitor Center on “Hill 57” on
Saturday November 3 at 3:00 pm.
“This is a huge step forward for our tribe and Chairman John
Gilbert and the members of our Tribal Council deserve all the
credit for making this happen” Stated James Parker Shield who is
directing the project.
“The Little Shell Chippewa Visitor Center will help us share our
unique story and struggles for recognition by the U.S. government
with tourists, Montana residents, tribal members and of course our
neighbors in the Great Falls area.
The Visitor Center is located in a building purchased by the
tribe at 1529 Stuckey Road, off of the northwest bypass.
The Ground-breaking will be at 3:00 pm, following a
traditional blessing of the site. A Tribal Council meeting and “Joe
Dussome Day” celebration will be at 10:30 am at the Moose Lodge
in Black Eagle.